Invest in the future of real estate

Invest in property for as little as $50 with real estate backed crypto tokens on the blockchain

  • checkEarn daily income
  • checkInvest almost instantly
  • checkRewards from both crypto and real estate
Bridging real estate with crypto

Instahome uses tokenisation to make real estate investments accessible to everyone



The easiest way to invest in real estate

  • checkOnly $50 required to invest
  • checkInvest almost instantly: in a matter of minutes
  • checkNo lock in period, sell at anytime

Daily Income

Returns that combine crypto investments and real estate without the hassle of managing each property

  • checkDaily auto-compounding staking rewards
  • checkProperty appreciation
  • checkBenefit from no stamp duty, no management fees, no agent fees

Peace of mind

You can now invest in diversified real estate without worrying about managing the property, bad tenants, and bad agents.

  • checkNo need to worry about managing the property
  • checkOwner-occupied residential real estate provides stability and no empty periods
  • checkReal estate backed cryptocurrency

Boost your returns

Traditional Real Estate


Over 5 years

With Instahome


Over 5 years


Tokens Purchased

Total Investment: $1,000


House price appreciation


This is based on a projected house price appreciation of 8% per annum, an annual rental yield of 5%, staking rewards at 5% per annum and various management fees and taxes deducted from traditional real estate transactions.

How does Instahome work?

1. Property submitted

A homeowner submits their property for approval on our website. We evaluate the property using AI along with humans and approve the property based on certain criteria, such as location, condition, and occupant details.

2. Property tokenized

Once approved, the owner signs a home equity agreement, which is then tokenized and put under our token.

3. Investors receive daily income

The owners receive daily income as staking rewards, while the value of their token appreciates as house prices go up.

Our Team

Dimitrios Konstantinidis
Dimitrios Konstantinidis
Andrew Baum
Andrew Baum
Advisor & Investor
Barrie Heptonstall
Barrie Heptonstall
Advisor & Investor
Chee Hui Tai
Chee Hui Tai
Jit Hong Cheah
Jit Hong Cheah

Frequently Asked Questions

On Instahome you can invest in real estate backed crypto tokens and then get rewards from both real estate appreciation as well as returns from crypto, such as staking rewards.

On instahome you invest in real estate backed crypto tokens. This is a much easier and efficient way to invest in real estate. The benefits are:

  • You can invest from $50 only.
  • No transaction fees, no legal fees, and no stamp duty. You can save between 5 to 15% in fees compared to buying and managing a rental property.
  • You earn rewards from both property appreciation and crypto rewards, such as staking rewards.

We invest in single family homes such as houses and apartments. We invest in homes with owner occupiers inside. However, we don't buy whole properties, instead we buy a share of the property. We buy between 5%-20% of a property using a home equity agreement that is linked to the house price of the asset. This way, we can diversify across multiple properties.

Instahome is based in London, UK. Our HQ is located in Canary Wharf, London's financial centre at 30 Churchill Place, E14 5RE

Instahome is led by a serial entrepreneur Dimitrios Konstantinidis (CEO) and backed by investors such as Prof. Andrew Baum, Barrie Heptonstall and Pi Labs.

Yes, there are no fees besides paying for the asset backed tokens. Instahome is generating revenue by charging the homeowners and not the investors.

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2. Verify your identity

Complete the simple KYC process with your name, address and photo ID

3. Make your investment

Connect your crypto wallet and make an investment instantly

Instahome is based on the Algorand blockchain.

A home equity agreement allows a homeowner to sell a share of the current and potential future value of their home in exchange for cash today. You can think of a home equity agreement as a type of reverse mortgage that is linked to the price of the underlying asset; if prices go up, the owner of the agreement also benefits from it. If prices go down, there are protection clauses for the investors.

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The content of this website is not intended to offer any investment advice to the reader. As with any investment, an investment through Instahome puts your money at risk, as the value of your investment can go down as well as up. The tax treatment of your investment will depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future. If you are unsure about whether investing is right for you, please seek expert financial advice.